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Control the Weak

Control the Weak-image
Control the Weak is a card from house Dis. It is of type Action.


Play: Choose a house on your opponent’s identity card. Your opponent must choose that house as their active house next turn.


  • Type: Action
  • Amber Gain: 1
  • House: Dis
  • Rarity: Common
  • Keywords: Play
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What happens if I play Control the Weak and choose a house other than Dis while my opponent has Pitlord in play?

If a player is faced with two (or more) “must choose” mandates, the player may choose either of those options. So this would allow your opponent to choose a house other than Dis, even with Pitlord in play.



Josh 2018-11-30 23:50:42

This card wins games! Gets you a free Æmber and is very flexible.

– If you have enough Æmber to forge a key just choose a house for your opponent that cannot get rid of it to seal the deal.

– Combine it with a board clear and choose the house your opponent played last turn to get a free turn most of the times.

– Look at your opponents discard pile to see what’s not in his hand and just choose it.


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