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Way of the Bear

Way of the Bear-image
Way of the Bear is a card from house Untamed. It is of type Upgrade.


This creature gains assault 2.



What happens if I play Way of the Bear on a creature that already has an Assault keyword on it?
If a creature with the assault (X) keyword gains another instance of the assault (X) keyword, the two X values are added together.

How does assault damage work against Elusive creatures?
Assault damage takes place before the actual fight and can be used to harm/kill Elusive creatures that are attacked, even if that creature has not been attacked this turn.

Can I play Way of the Bear on an enemy creature, allowing me to gain the Æmber bonus on the card?

If there are no creatures in play, can I still play Way of the Bear to gain the Æmber bonus on the card?
No. If an upgrade cannot attach to a creature in play, the upgrade cannot be played


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